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Border Oak

We assisted a well renowned oak frame design and build company, Border Oak, to reduce post completion clean-up time and prevent damage to their windows and interiors.

Border Oak has a reputation for creating stunning oak frame houses and we were delighted to receive an enquiry for our range of Temporary Protection Materials.

Shortly after we began working together it became clear that Border Oak needed a simple, clear Protection System to ensure that surfaces were protected adequately on site.  One of our Protection Consultants arranged a site visit and provided advice on the best method to protect the windows.  This was translated into a simple document which was distributed to all Border Oak Project Managers and their workers on site, to ensure that the level and method of protection was consistent across their various projects over the UK.

As a result of these simple procedures Border Oak have noticed a significant reduction in damages to surfaces on site and the clean-up times at the end of the project have been greatly shortened.

Mr Steve Robinson, Head of Procurement and Sustainability at Border Oak, said: “For efficiency and quality, Border Oak install fully finished windows and doors at an early stage of the build and the full protection of these expensive items is essential. Beck provide us with a great range of products to enable us to confidently do this and allow us to maintain our very high standards for our discerning clients. Beck will also come onto site and see the issues for themselves to ensure we are using the correct products and procedures."



Border Oak