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Results from the Beck snagging survey

Industry News

Beck recently conducted their own snagging survey to ask if you’d ever experienced problems due to snagging. We know the benefits our temporary protection products can bring to a project, by keeping it on schedule, on budget and clients happy, however we were keen to hear directly from you about what you thought.

When asked if damage to finished surfaces had ever caused downtime or delays on any of your projects, 66% said yes it had. Ultimately any delay to a project will result in additional expenditure.

We then asked if you had ever had to spend money on fixing snags/damage to finished surfaces that could have been prevented. A huge 71% said yes, you had. Again, profits will start to fall if more money is having to be spent fixing preventable damage.

We were keen to see if issues with snagging caused problems with your customers. When we asked if you had experienced client dissatisfaction/complaints due to snagging, 37% said yes. If 37% of your customers are unhappy, that won’t result in repeat business for your company.

For those that said you did use temporary protection products, a massive 100% said you rarely or never get damages to the protected surfaces. Need we say more!

Results from the Beck snagging survey