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How and Why You Should Aim to Achieve a Snag Free Project

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At Beck, we’re passionate about helping our customers achieve a snag free project. We believe it’s a crucial element to ensuring projects are delivered on time, on budget and that sites run as smoothly as possible between all the trades.


What does ‘snag’ or ‘snagging’ mean?

When we refer to snags, we are talking about defective workmanship on a finished project. Examples include staining to floors, scratched surfaces and broken glass. Most importantly with snags, it’s damage that could have been prevented.

However, snagging can also be caused by miscommunication between all the parties involved in delivering a project – from the client to the contractor down to the sub-contractor. With so many contractors on-site at any one time, the fact is that mishaps leading to damage to already installed surfaces can seem unavoidable.


Why should I aim to get my site snag free?

Firstly, have you experienced any of these issues?

  • Been delayed delivering a project due to avoidable issues with workmanship?
  • Gone over budget due to having to replace already installed fittings?
  • Had your reputation damaged due to poor feedback?
  • Experienced client dissatisfaction due to the above issues?

If yes is your answer to any of these questions, then you know why you would want to aim to prevent snagging defects from occuring. And even if your answer is no, a recent survey undertaken by Beck discovered that 71% of respondents had had to spend money on fixing snags and damage to finished surface. So, if you haven’t experience it yet, the chances are you will at some point!

If you are able to deliver a high quality, snag free project on time and within budget, you will always result in client satisfaction and positive company reputation. Your costs will reduce and your chance of securing future work will increase. It’s futureproofing your company!


Who’s responsible for delivering a snag free project?

The common approach to reducing snags with temporary protection products is to leave it down to individual sub-contractors, however in our experience, this is a gamble and will likely result in snagging defects.

We strongly believe that companies should embrace a snag free culture which is led top down. Whether you’re an asset manager, design and build firm, manufacturer or a head of facilities, our aim is to equip your senior management team with an easy, step by step process, showing how projects should be run to deliver them snag free. We believe that if snag free is at the core of the company, then all levels of employees, contractors and sub-contractors underneath will follow their guidance ensuring a smoother running site.


How can I achieve a snag free project?

To help you deliver a defect free development we offer a simple on-site solution. Firstly, our knowledgeable Protection Consultants will visit you at your office, workplace or at one of your sites to explain the Beck Secret to a Snag Free Site system as well as undertake a site survey to produce you a personalised protection report.

Whilst we will provide you with a comprehensive range of temporary protection products including floor protection, protective films and edge protection, the Beck snag free system goes beyond just the products and gives you a unique step by step process for ensuring protection is the responsibilities of everyone on site. It guides you through how to undertake a risk assessment at each stage of the development. There are protocols on how you warn contractors on your site of potential areas of damage and clearly labels areas which are correctly protected before wok commences.

You will also have access to our highly knowledgeable Protection Consultants who can advise you at every stage of your development and ensure the risks of damage to surfaces on site are minimised.

When we recently undertook our own survey, those that said they did use temporary protection products, a massive 100% said they rarely or never get damages to the protected surfaces. Need we say more!


How do I get the Beck ‘Secret to a Snag Free Site’ Starter Kit?

To request your free Snag Free starter kit please call us on 01432 263598 or click here.

To book an appointment with our Protection Consultants at your office or on your site, then please call us on 01432 263598 or email info@beckuk.com

How and Why You Should Aim to Achieve a Snag Free Project