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Protecting glass - what are the common causes of damage?

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Damage to glass surfaces, windows and window frames is common on both refurbishment projects and new developments. It is also a common feature on customers 'snagging lists' when they move into new homes or premises. 

Windows are often kept in place or fitted early in the build stage to ensure a building is water tight, however with work continuing on around them for prolonged periods of time the risk of damage is high. Glass can easily get scratched, even from the smallest of objects such as metal fillings if metal work is being cut nearby. At worst it can be broken. Alternatively paint splashes are very common, but so easily prevented. 

The costs to repair or replace glass or window frames can be very expensive, however a simple temporary protection product can greatly reduce those risks and help you achieve a snag free site. Our Beck Protection Sepcilaists would highly recommend using a layer of Proguard window protection film on all glass surfaces. The film is specifically designed for the protection of glass from scratches and spills. 

The self-adhesive film is easy to apply and can be left on glass for up to 30 days. Thanks to its UV properties, it leaves no residue on removal. The film comes supplied on rolls (available in various widths and lengths) and can be applied by hand or with our film applicator to make the job even easier. If you don’t use all the roll, it can be stored until the next job.

TOP TIP: Protect your frames with low tack tape!

Many people overlay Proguard Window Film on both the glass and the frame. Whilst this won’t damage the frames it may allow the film to create air bubbles underneath and cause it to peel away reducing its effectiveness. We therefore would always recommend users apply the film on the glass only and protect the window frames with a low tack tape. Proguard’s ultra low tack PVC tape is the perfect product for the job. It can also be used on door frames or any other sensitive surface as, like the protection film, it leaves no residue on removal.

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Protecting glass - what are the common causes of damage?